Mr. Simple Version B Tracklist

Akhirnya album Mr.Simple Ver.B akan segera dirilis. Tepat nya pada tanggal 22 Agustus 2011. Tetap 13 Lagu, jadi apa beda nya? Silahkan lihat di tracklist nya :)

2. Mr. Simple
3. 오페라 (Opera)
4. 라라라라 (Be My Girl)
5. Walkin’
6. 폭풍 (Storm)
7. 어느새 우린 (Good Friends)
8. 결투 (Feels Good)
9. 기억을 따라 (Memories)
10. 해바라기 (Sunflower)
11. 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)
12. Y
13. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

No ‘Perfection’, and being replaced with ‘Superman’.
It doesn’t mean that the album is not perfect again, but the album just getting stronger with 10 Super Hero inside it. :D

by: @echo_choco

reshared : ssbeauty


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