Kelucuan masing-masing karakter members Super Junior ^^

the maknae-wannabe leader

the member that’s prettier than most girls…

the Beijing Fried Rice

the awkward turtle

the masculine member

the teddy bear

the Aegyo King

the dancing machine

the member with the brows

the legs

the five year old

the eternal maknae

the serious maknae

the evil maknae

the real maknae



very well.

OMG ! Teukie: You Just 83ers. // Heenim: Why So Pretty? // Geng: Miracle of 1,3 Billion People. // Yesung: Super Weirdos. // Kangin: We Miss You Oppa. // Dong: Kyeopta! // Minnie: Extremely Cute! // Hyukkie: Pelvis Trust. // Wonnie: Shibrows! // Mimi: As Height as A Bamboo Stick. // Donghae: So Pure. // Wookie: Hi, Child! // Bummie: ll


cr :

shared : navi@supershiningbeauty



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