SHINee Pets~ Taemin, Key & Jonghyun~





  • Has 2 dogs, named Adam and Eve.
  • Taemin thanked his dogs in the Lucifer Album’s Thanks To page.
  • In EUL, Taemin revealed that when he misses his dogs and wants to see them, he will video call them.

    I’m living in our dorm so I don’t have time to meet them…If I really want to meet them, I will use the videophone to see them. I don’t have animals that I dislike ^^.

  • In Elle, Taemin said that the most recent person he has said I love you, was to his dogs.

    Q: Recently who do you say “I love you” to?

    A: Eve and Adam, my puppies.


  • Key has a dog named coco.
  • In EUL, it was revealed that Key thinks that cats are cuter because he has a dog.

    “I like both cat and dog, since we have a dog in our house, I feel that cat is cuter.”


  • Jonghyun has a dog named roo.
  • Jonghyun’s favorite dog is a collie, he always wanted one.
  • Roo was initially suppose to be a surprise birthday present for his sister Seodam.
  • When Jonghyun first bought roo he brought him into the dorm the first night and roo pooped on minho’s bed.
  • Jonghyun felt sorry so he let minho name the dog.
  • Out of anger, Minho said, “He’s not that impressive, just call him Roo!”


Source: kpoparazzi


2 Replies to “SHINee Pets~ Taemin, Key & Jonghyun~”

  1. that’s not key’s coco, key’s coco is color brown. he named his dog coco because it’s brown. they had once a pictorial with them during their replay (kr) era.

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